The Full Size Time Machine
from the 1960 M.G.M. production.

The Time Machine prop was built by M.G.M. studios in 1959 for the George Pal production of The Time Machine. Around 1970 a replacement console was built as the original had been removed for filming purposes and was no longer available. The machine, along with other film props, was put on display at Lytton Savings for a short time. In 1971 M.G.M. studios sold at auction the machine and tons of other film props and costumes. An entrepreneur bought the machine along with other props and took them on tour across the United States. The machine dissappeard afterwards and finally reappeared in 1976 in an antique store in Orange County Calif. Tom Scherman discovered it and informed Bob Burns of the discovery. Bob bought the machine and with the help of his friends restored it and created a Halloween show around it. The machine is currently in the home of Bob Burns and well cared for.

M.G.M. publicity still

The Time Machine as it appeared in the M.G.M. 1960 George Pal production.

Photo by Don Coleman
The Machine as it appeared at the M.G.M. auction in 1970.
Photo by Don Coleman
Close-up showing where the rails were cut so the console could be used for the close-ups of the dates changing. The whereabouts of the original console is unknown.

Photo courtesy of Bob Burns.
The refurbished Time Machine as it appeared at Bob Burns' Halloween show in his back yard in 1976.


Photo courtesy of Wah Chang.
Wah Ming Chang and the Time Machine. Taken at the home of Bob Burns. (Early 1990's)

Photo by Mary Coleman
Don in the original machine in Bob Burns' home. (1991)
Photo by Mary Coleman
Rod Taylor, Alan Young and the Time Machine during filming of "The Time Machine: The Journey Back" 1992. Available on DVD

The Time Machine has appeared in numerous productions including:
The Time Machine (1960) M.G.M.
Cosmos (1981)Carl Sagan Productions
Gremlins(1984) Universal
The Wizard of Speed and Time (1988) Mike Jittlov
The Time Machine: The Journey Back (1992) 7th Voyage Productions
H.G. Wells: The Time Traveler (1995) A&E Biography
Time Travel
(1999) NOVA-BBC/ WGBH Boston


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