The Restoration of the
Original Time Machine
The Repairs
(Photos used with permission by Bob Burns)

Tom Scherman and Lee Richards priming and painting the side rails.
Tom Scherman D.C. Fontana and Lynn Barker working on the replacement chair.

Notice the dish on the right, the only repair to the dish were stabilizers to hold the dish in shape, these were installed on the back so they wouldn't be seen.



Marc Richards upholstering the chair.

Note the 'pop top' Pepsi and Dr. Pepper cans on the work table. How many of you remember those?
I can remember when Dr. Pepper came in a can with a bottle cap on top, of course I'm really dating myself now.

The railings painted and positioned on the base. The base engine housing is given a new coat of paint.
Note the gear box which is usually hidden inside the ball at the top of the 'lamp' assembly.
The lamp assembly awaiting a new coat of paint. Here is a better view of the lamp sockets which illuminate the rear pods.
Engine housing and 'lamp' assembly painted and reassembled on the base.

Finished console made by Harvey Mayo. The three top indicator lights flash independently.

Harvey only had two weeks to build the console from scratch.


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