The Restoration of the
Original Time Machine
In Need of Restoration
(photos used with permission by Bob Burns)

Crew responsible for restoring the Time Machine (alphabetical order)
The crew only had about 3-4 months to completely restore and rebuild the machine before Halloween.

Lynn Barker
Kathy Burns
D.C. Fontana
Harvey Mayo
Dennis Muren
Craig Newswanger
Grace Richards
Lee Richards
Marc Richards
Val Richards
Tom Scherman

Here is a photo of the machine as it appeared at the M.G.M. auction in 1970.

The only non original part is the console and the side rails from the surround rail up. These are the parts that Tom Scherman built.

The Time Machine was found in an antique store in Orange county. Tom Scherman and a friend of his had found the machine and told Bob Burns about it. Bob was able to buy what was left of a once great movie prop.

The Time Machine was in very poor condition when Bob Burns bought it, as you can see in this photo. The original barber chair had been sold separately. The rear pods were severely broken as well.

Barely visible on the left is Harvey Mayo and Tom Scherman on the right.

The console on the machine is the one that Tom had made for the machine so it could be displayed at a screening of the film for Litton Industries


Here again is Tom Scherman and Harvey Mayo with the remains of the original machine.

Tom Scherman was the quintessential source of details pertaining to the Disney Nautilus from "20,000 Leagues under the Sea" and became the chief consultant and project leader for the Nautalus which would be constructed in EuroDisneyland in Paris.

Closer shot of the rear engine housing and the damage to the pods. The damage was caused by the previous owner usinf flood lamps to illuminate the pods.Also the pods had been colored red.
Closer view of the console which Tom Scherman built. Lamp shades and other lamp parts were amoung the parts that Tom used to build this console,
The machine with the console removed and the pod pieces placed in a box. Here you can see some of the light sockets and reflective foil used to illuminate the rear pods.


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