The Restoration of the
Original Time Machine
The 1976 Halloween Extravaganza
(Photos on this page with permission
o f BobBurns and Harvey Mayo)

1976 invitation to attend the Bob Burns Halloween show "Return of the Time Machine". The invitation allowed you inside Bob and Kathy's home and mingle with other guests. No invitation was required to see the show.

This show was viewed by over 3000 people.

The Time Machine was restored in time to be the center of attention at Bob Burns' 1972 Halloween Extravaganza.

The walls were covered in heavy foil and painted to resemble the inner caves of the Morlocks.

The walls rotated and created the lab set

The rear painting of the Morlock Sphinx was painted by Mike Minor. Afterward it ended up as garage door in Van Nuys. .

Mike Minor was the Art Director on "Star Trek the Motion Picture"

David Gerrold wrote the script for the Halloween show and alternated with Charlie Dugdale as the Time Traveler.

Amoung his many accomplishments, David wrote the script for "The Trouble with Tribbles" episode of Star Trek.

Here we see Charlie Dugdale as the Time traveller as he arrives in 802701 and is being spied on by a Morlock.

Charlie was the announcer on KNXT channel 2 in Los Angeles. Charlie will probably be best remembered for the following announcement:"This is KNX2, Channel T!"

George Pal attended the show and had his photo taken in the machine. This was the first time George had ever been seated in the machine.
Other photos are viewable at the Official Bob Burns Website


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