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December 17, 2001

Heinz Westerweller has started construction on a full size replica of the Pal machine. Click on the 1:1 Modell link to access his progress. There are currently three areas, console, motor housing and the rear upper light. Click on the appropriate area on the machine photo to go to the particular page. Text is in German.

December 14, 2001

Page on William Tuttle
including a life mask made on Yvette Mimieux

December 13, 2001

For those of you who don't have 2 hours to download the new Time Machine trailer, here are some of the key frames from it presented in a slide show format.
DreamWorks Trailer

December 8, 2001

John Collado
Kevin Murphy
Paintings added by two talented artists in the enthusiasts pages
December 7, 2001

The full trailer is on-line at the Time Machine Official Site

They have given the site an entire new look.
The new 2:10 min trailer is there as well as a flash teaser promo. The new count down counter is a copy of the read out in the new machine,
pretty cool.

December 5, 2001
Carl Piermarini has added new photos of his full size Time Machine on his site.

The War of the Worlds (Books of Wonder)

This new edition of The War of the Worlds is the first illustrated edition of the unabridged text in over thirty years. The full-colour illustrations are by Tom Kidd, a widely known fantasy illustrator, whose unique approach for this project was to create images in the style of the period in which the book was written - an approach he intends to follow for his next Wells project: An illustrated edition of The Time Machine.

Tom Kidd has received four Hugo nominations and has won four Chesley Awards and the Anlab Award.



The Time Machine
$5.99 from Amazon.com.
This item will be released on
December 9, 2001.

Please note: This is not a novelization of the new movie.

This is the movie tie-in and is a reprint of the first American paperback edition published by Berkley in 1957. This is also the same as the 1960 movie tie-in for the Pal adaptation.

This edition does have a new introduction written by Simon Wells.

November 19, 2001

Interview with Executive Producer Arnold Leibovit at DreamWorks SKG Fansite

November 14, 2001

1960 US publicity
including the 8x10 color and 11x14 lobby cards

Martin Bleasby has updated
and moved his personal web site

Photos are up from the
OMAHA film event
screening of Pal's Time Machine

Time Traveler fighting to save Weena from the dreaded Morlocks.

An H.G. Wells Literary Forum
has been set up at Yahoo Clubs and
The H.G. Wells Society, The Americas
is now taking memberships.

October 31, 2001
Happy Halloween

Orson Welles' 1938 broadcast of
The War of the Worlds
is available on-line at the Grover's Mill web site
Short article on the making of DreamWorks teaser trailer
Click Here

October 29, 2001
Would you beleive, March 8th?
Well now that is the date being set.
Two reviews from a test screening
are posted at Ain't it Cool News
First review
Second review

October 23, 2001
Time Machine pushed back again,
now opening on March 1, 2001Also, seems Hans Zimmer is doing the music score after all.
Official Alan Young website

September 24, 2001
Special Screening
of George Pal's
The Time Machine

in Omaha, Nebraska
October 18, 2001

September 23, 2001
I appologize for the lack of updates in the last several weeks, my computer system has been down and I'm still in the process of recovering all my files.DreamWorks' Time Machine has been pushed back to the future to a February 8th release date.
Carl Piermarini
has finished his full size Time Machine

Click here to visit his site
August 21, 2001
Bob Burn's Restoration of the full size Time Machine and his 1976 Halloween Extravaganza
August 20, 2001

Transcript of presentaion
given by
Visual Effects Supervisor
Jamie Price
at Comic Con 2001

Time Machine designs

That I've found while surfing the Internet

August 3, 2001

The Infinite Worlds of H.G. Wells
6 hour miniseries
a Hallmark Production
on the Odyssey/Hallmark Channel
Check your local TV guide for times.

Click on image to visit the Hallmark site for photos from the show and also visit the Official Website with more photos from the show, behind the scenes photos, a quicktime video presentation and quicktime interviews with cast and crew members

Sunday, August 5, 2001 - PART 1
Monday, August 6, 2001 - PART 2
Tuesday, August 7, 2001 - PART 3

July 31, 2001
Karstens Creations has created a screensaver
with the new machine and logoSee our DreamWorks Links page
Clip from Comic Con aired on Letterman last night
includes the Time Machine
Viewable at the CBS Letterman web site
To find the clip:Click on DAVE TV in their menu then click on
CLIPS -- Mark Borchardt & Mike Schank At Comic-Con

July 26,2001
4 pages on the machine

July 25, 2001
Later tomorrow I hope to have photos of the Time Machine
DreamWorks Booth
Notable Attendees
New York 2030 and beyond

DreamWorks Time Machine

July 24, 2001
DreamWorks Time Machine
More Morlocks!

July 23, 2001
Time Machine
New York 1899
We just received the Bob Burns Kogar Award
Scroll to bottom of Main Directory
I got back from Comic Con yesterday about 3:30.
I shot over six rolls of film in the DreamWorks Time Machine booth and I'll get pages up as soon as possible.
The Dreamworks trading cards are now viewable

July 2, 2001
David Duncan's
Final Revised Shooting Script

Lloyd Cooper
has constructed a 15" model
of the Time Machine

June 27, 2001
Biography on Wah Chang

June 24, 2001
Gravesite photos of:
George Pal
and also on the Supporting Cast page
Whit Bissell, Sebastian Cabot and Doris Lloyd
all photos taken by Don Coleman
George Pal's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

June 15, 2001
New release date for Dreamworks'
The Time Machine
December 25, 2001

April issue of Smithsonian magazine
has an article on H.G. Wells
by Joel Achenbach
Partial article can be seen on their website,
and on-line ordering for issue

June 11, 2001

News update from Charles Keller
First Meeting of the H.G. Wells' Society in the Americas
Saturday, September 22, 2001

George Pal biography brought up to 1955

May 26, 2001
The H.G. Wells Society
Americas has set up a web site:

Bob Burns has added Rod Taylor
to his personal collection (well sort of)
The Official Bob Burns Website

May 16, 2001
Time Machine sighted on streets of Burbank!

Martin Bleasby visits the birthplace
of H.G. Wells in Bromley, Kent.

May 2, 2001

Wie ist Ihr Deutsches?
Sie sollten neuen Blick Heinz Westerweller
betrachten zu seinem website.
Klicken Sie heir
Heinz Westerweller has completely redone his website.
Included are many photos of how he built his 1/10th scale model.
The site is now only in German with the promise of English forth coming.

April 26, 2001

We have a real treat this time
especially if you are a comic art fan.
Nicola Cuti has provided 7 drawings he did for an illustrated edition of The Time Machine. The project was never finished and most of these Illustrations have never been seen before!

April 8, 2001

  1. Alex Williams finished Lunar Model build up

  2. Heinz Westerweller's Virtual 3D model

  3. Ed Turner was again hospitalised for an as yet unknown problem. E-mail Ed

April 2, 2001

The H.G Wells Society is preparing to launch
an Americas Chapter of their organization
which will incompass North, Central and South America.

March 28,2001

For those of you who get the Odyssey Channel,
Hallmark has produced
'The Infinite Worlds of H.G. Wells'
Co-Producer: Martin Wells (H. G. Wells' Grandson and father of Simon Wells)

Air time is yet to be announced.
Click on photo to visit their site
and see photos from the film and read the synopsis .

Once there click on the Title in the list.

Hallmark ©2001

March 20, 2001
  1. Jeff Ridgway and his wife Alexis
    were on the sets as extras in New York
    and have sent in 5 more photos
  2. Translucent power pods
    for the Lunar Models Time Machine kit
    by Peter Montagna

March 16, 2001

  1. H.G. Wells' Obituary as printed in the New York Times 1946
  2. Interview with Arnold Leibovit at
  3. A radical Lunar Models Time Machine construction
    by Alain Gadbois
    with commentary by François Beaulieu

Previous Updates

  1. Photos of Marilyn Miranda-Bocchi with her 'husbands'
    and commentary on the shooting in
    the Albany, New York location
    and also in Schenectady, NY
  2. We have photos from
    Troy, New York of the weekend's filming!

  3. Time Machine: The Journey Back an inside look by Don Coleman
  4. The Full size Time Machine I built for "Travels Through Time" has been sold. More on this when I can contact the new owner.
  5. CNN has posted a review on Bob Burn's book. Here's what they have to say about the Time Machine:
    "(CNN) -- In the science-fiction classic, "The Time Machine"(1960),
    Rod Serling steps into something that looks like a
    combination gold-plated golf cart and hydrofoil,
    a fabulous thing with flashing lights and a crystal gear shift,
    and travels through time."
    (Their original story did say Serling, they have since corrected their error)
    Click here to see the entire article.
  6. Off site link to Diane's Rod Taylor site
    Grand Opening was on Rod's birthday, January 11

    Very nice look at Rod's career

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