The Power (1968)

After Dr. Lao, it took George three years to get his next project started. He pitched several ideas until M.G.M. finally ok'd The Power, a film Pal had been interested in since 1965.

William Tuttle was on hand once again to create special makeup effects. A featurette was made with him explaining how makeup appliances were created, including the appliance worn by Arthur O'Connell after his murder in the centrifuge.

An interesting aspect for me of The Power is that the institute exterior for the film was filmed at my High School during my junior year. I was somewhat surprised when arriving at school one day and finding a guard station in the middle of the street when none existed before.The globe sculpture looked very impressive and I felt it should have been left behind. I soon learned that these set pieces were for a film called The Power starring George Hamilton. Unfortunately I didn't know George Pal was producing. I was on hand one day and watched a scene in which George Hamilton and Suzanne Pleshette arrive on the grounds by car and enter the institute, which was our Robert Lee Frost auditorium.

The X marks the approximate location of the guard station in the film

Robert Lee Frost Auditorium
Culver City 2004

Being that my Jr. High and High School were only blocks away from M.G.M. studios it was not so unusual to find a film company using the grounds for a film. I recall one afternoonbeing rather amused when leaving Jr. High and finding the CCJHS sign covered with a new one which read Nurses' Quarters. The sign was changed for an episode of Dr. Kildare. Footage for Woody Allen's Sleeper was also shot at my High School.

David Pal was in Europe while The Power was being filmed and George asked him to return to animate the toy soldiers squence during the hallucination sequence in the film.

George also offers another hat tip to his friend Walter Lantz by having a Woody Woodpecker doll make a cameo appearance in the film.

The Power is not currently available on vhs or dvd. It was released with Atlantis the Lost Continent on laser disc. and can be found occasionally on eBay.


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