William Tuttle
creating a life mask
of Yvette Mimieux

The following photo sequence is from:
"Making a Monster"
Al Taylor and Sue Roy
Crown Publishers 1980

Photo credit: William Tuttle

From the looks of Yvette Mimieux, it appears this was done in the early 60's.
Tuttle demonstrates the procedures for making a lifecast. Here Tuttle and Ron Berkeley cool the Negacol for making the mask.
Yvette Mimieux becomes Tuttle's model, and Tuttle and Berkeley paint Negacol over her face.
A quick set-plaster is applied over the Negacol.
Mimieux is completely covered with the quick-set plaster.
Once the plaster has set, it is carefully removed. Mimieux looks happy to be released from her plaster prison.
The negative impression is filled with plaster.
The plaster must fill each indentation, and Tuttle takes great care to make certain of this.
Although this is a negative impression of Mimieux's features, when held in a certain light, it appears to have a positive form.
Yvette Mimieux displays the cast of her features Tuttle has created.

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