Eloi and Morlocks

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Two Eloi watching on as Weena fights for her life

Known actors who played Eloi:

Bob Barran • James Skelly • Mike Hiltner • Josephine Powell

Mike Hiltner and Yvette Mimieux
Click on photo to see what Mike looks like today
Mike has identified himself in some of the following screen shots

"So this is man's future, to bask in the sunlight bathe in the clear streams and eat the fruits of the earth with all knowledge of work and hardship forgotten. Well and why not?"

"Well don't just sit there, help her!"

Four Eloi watch as George effects a rescue
The Eloi sitting on the rock in the river
is Mike Hiltner

George forging the river to rescue Weena as Mike Hiltner splashes in the water

James Skelly
Born March 1, 1936 Massachusetts
Died April 19, 1969 Palm Springs, California

Bob Barran

"You, all of you. I'm going back to my own time. I won't even bother to tell them of the useless struggle for the hopeless future..."

The siren call

The answer to Carolyn Seaforth's question
"There is nothing to fear, it is all clear"

"All clear? No, it's over, it's past..."

"You didn't listen...you didn't learn anything..."
Mike Hiltner is on the far left in this shot

"So this was the destiny of the Eloi..."

The Morlocks, "who had degenerated into the lowest form of human life...cannibalism"

The destruction of the Morlock underground

Decomposing Morlock

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