You can reach Troy Enlow by clicking on the link below

ORIGINAL and ONE OF A KIND replica from George Pal’s 1960 classic hit THE TIME MACHINE. I can say many things about this museum quality project that took one year 900 hours to build but the pictures and the link will say much more.

The lamps on top of the control console are colored led's that were hollowed out from the inside so that smaller led's could be placed inside them to get the look of a real old fashion light bulb.

The red power lamp on the top of the Time Generator was custom turned from acrylic rod stock into the form of an old edison lamp and is illuminated from underneath by a red led.

The date on the control unit is DEC 31st 1899 the first time it was used in the film. All the lighting is LED incorporated the proper electronics were used and they will never burn out or get hot.

To see a short video of Troy's model in action. CLICK HERE

The caps at the rear pod are lit by the same super bright red 5mm LED’s that light up the two cones on the ‘Time Generator’ so they are a deep red as well the semi defused material is slightly thinner so they are a tad brighter so in the photographs they appear almost a light orange but I assure you they are a beautiful deep red.

The LED lights that light up the caps on the control housing are the latest in LED technology...warm ‘true white’ leds! The look is amazing! no more bluish tint like you see in many LED products and flashlights.

The disc is actually driven by a 90 degree gear system not underneath the disc from behind the ‘Time Generator’ housing. All the shafts are steel riding in brass tubing, all the gears where pinned so slipping will not happen. No bearings were used so it is not designed for continuous running but will last a life time if used just once in a while to show it off to friends. I have ran this model for hours without changing the four AA batteries that are accessible by removing the disc which is just a matter of unscrewing a small bump like cap and by simply removing the hidden rear door below the disc axle. Inside there is a quad AA battery holder with a long enough line to easily change the batteries

The chair can be removed by undoing four screws from under the base. The simulated wood base was painted in separate strips and folks kept asking me what wood I used...I told them it is plastic and they did not believe me.

This model just took FIRST place, Best Sci-Fi subject and BEST IN SHOW at the Seattle IPMS Spring contest on April 22nd 2006....not too shabby for a group of folks who’s main thing is aviation and tanks!

The crystal lever is a 9mm lead crystal imported from Austria and the handle is made from two colors of fimo modeling clay ‘white’ and ‘turquoise’ twisted together, roughly shaped, heated then shaped / turned in a dremel to a fine polish...some folks asked if it was real turquoise.

All the pins are real finish nails and clothing pins of many sizes, some plain silver some painted and antiqued.

Why sell it?....honestly, some family matters have become priority, it's that simple and for me...I’m a builder that's the part I love....after I’m will just sit.

Troy's Model sold on ebay for $2025.00.

This is a custom built resin model kit that actually functions like the real movie prop. After inserting the Crystal key, you slowly move the lever upwards... first the lights turn on and then the disc starts to spin the lights on top of the ‘control console’ blink in time with the for the day another for the month and a third for the year...the day, month and year portion of the controls that face the operator turn on as well, the higher the lever the faster the disc will spin until finally at full speed the day lamp is on constant and the others are blinking madly in order!




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