Danny Cardle

"I have always been a great admirer of HG Wells' literature. When I was young the movies 'The Time Machine' and 'The First Men in the Moon' had a profound and lasting effect on me.
With the advent of computer generated graphics I have been able to relive the memories of awe that I experienced as a child by recreating 3D models of the fantastic machines in these movies. It has even allowed me to travel into the future and rescue Weena as you can see in my illustration.

"The program I use is a landscape generator called Vue d'esprit. Believe it or not the program came free in a magazine!
The Time Machine itself took a month to construct. I was as careful as possible to get it as accurate as I could - as I'm sure you'll appreciate having built one yourself. The chair alone was a mammoth task. I have attached another scene of it which I think shows off the machine better than 'Weena's Rescue'. Once I had constructed the machine I discovered that my computer could not handle the rendering of so complex a design. I had to wait until I had saved enough to upgrade my computer before I could see it in all its glory. For me it was worth the wait.
I have also attached another scene from 'The First Men in the Moon'. I call this one 'Moonflight'.
I am currently working on 'The War of the Worlds' - this time the Tripods are of my own design."

— Danny Cardle

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"Weena's Rescue"
The Time Machine
Sphere on Moon
"Moonflight "

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